About the OTSCA

The Old-Time Scotch Collie Association and its registry were created for the purpose of protecting and preserving the unique characteristics and working ability of these great dogs. The club is opposed to recognition of the Old-Time Scotch Collie by any kennel club or all-breed registry, it is believed that such will be detrimental to the preservation of the Old-Time Scotch Collie as a sound, intelligent strain of working collie as it has been for more than 150 years.

The Old-Time Scotch Collie Association’s registry is unique in that it has been developed to maintain the Old-Time Scotch Collie as a healthy working landrace breed. Unlike other registries which give full registration to entire litters at birth, we provide limited, pet registration to puppies of fully registered parents, full registration may be applied for any time after a dog reaches one year of age. Each adult dog must be photographed from both sides and the front when submitted for registration, and will be admitted to full registration on its own merit.

Instead of mandating narrow conformation ranges as demanded by the American Kennel Club for their breeds, the Old-Time Scotch Collie Association has written a breed standard that allows for the range of appearances found in a landrace breed. We recognize that the Old-Time Scotch Collie has always had a diversity of types and we want to maintain that genetic diversity by not trying to shove everybody into the same box.

Unlike the AKC and their ilk, the Old-Time Scotch Collie Association┬áhas also decided to maintain an “open” registry so that new blood might be infused when available.

The Old-Time Scotch Collie Association┬ároutinely runs ads in publications promoting our breed, we can’t increase the Old-Time Scotch Collie breed’s numbers unless there is demand at large, we plan to increase the demand through advertising and our website.

The Scotch Collie Pedigree Database is published on this website, it includes breeders and dogs from around the world, it is available to the public to assist dog owners in planning breedings and to aid in marketing of our rare and wonderful dogs.