Puppies in Louisiana

Seven puppies (3 females, 4 males) were born on April 22, 2017 at Canny Gaun Collies.  The dam is from the Gracehaven and Heritage lines, and the sire is an Ovelheiro Gaucho (a very successful herding collie from Brazil that are very rare here in the United States). There are still males available. Two of the males are tri-color and two are shaded sables.  Up to date pictures can be seen in the OTSC Pedigree database (see puppies – all names begin with Canny Gaun).  Please go to cannygauncollies.com to fill out an application and receive full information on this litter.   – Janet Reuther



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  1. Alex Taylor says:

    Hi Janet, I adopted a wonderful dog 3 1/2 years ago from Arkansas. Of course no one could tell me what breed he was. I thought he was a Border Collie/Borzoi cross ’til I saw how HUGE the Borzoi’s head was.
    Finally I found these OTSC!!! I’m sure that’s what I have, and I’m hoping to find his breeder. I’d like to send you pictures–of course he’s a grown dog now, but his markings may be distinctive enough for his breeder to recognize him. I believe he was born in late (Nov?) 2012. He was taken from an “animal hoarding” situation in Arkansas, and I got him in January of 2014. We live in Maine and he is the BEST dog ever. I’ll send pictures once I can email to you directly if you had any litters in that time frame. The puppies I see on your site look a lot like him. Beautiful!

    1. Hello Alex,
      I’m a breeder in MO. Though I try to keep in contact with all my pup’s owners some do slip away, your dog could very well be related to mine. Please send me an email I’d love to see! brinabrinkerhoff@gmail.com

  2. Missy Soo says:

    Chances are you just have a modern Rough Collie. That is what they look like, as they have been bred to look like the Borzoi in many lines for over a hundred years. Scotch Collies have almost no resemblance to a Borzoi except in lines that were bred to be lurchers in the 19th century and before. If he is from an AKC associated breeder you may be able to find a tattoo or a microchip placed by the breeder. I would look into the AKC Collie clubs methods of identification. I don’t know where/how but some still tattoo (Lassie was a dog pound rescue who had a tattoo)

  3. Michelle Cencich says:

    We just lost our beloved sheltie dogs (one year apart) and miss them terribly!! Now ready to add another dog to our family and are very drawn to the OTSC dog. New to this breed, can anyone direct me to puppies available near Jacksonville Fl?
    Thank you

    1. Christina Chen says:

      Hi Michelle! Since you are new to the breed, I highly recommend joining this Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/OTSCFanClub. You can ask as many questions as you like, and also inquire about future puppies near Florida.

    2. Hi Michelle. I live near New Orleans and have a litter of puppies. I might have a male available. If you could go on my website, cannygauncollies.com, and fill out a puppy application, that would get us started talking seriously about it. Thanks!

    3. Carol Edwards says:

      Hi Michelle, I came late to your comment but I did want to reenforce the answer given by Connie Chen. Do join the groups and read a lot about these dogs simply because they are not like any other dog you know about. They are smart and loyal and aware and sensitive. There is so much wonderful first hand information given by those who own them. Many of us are feeling our way through this process of bringing them back to the landscape. We welcome you!

      1. Carol Edwards says:

        PS: sorry, not Connie but rather Christina!! My blooper.

  4. Hi Alex, I would love to see some pictures if you can send them. Several breeders’ dogs have a distinctive look. I’d like to have a peek and see. Maybe he resembles one of them. Even if he’s not from one of the Scotch Collie lines, I’m sure he’s beautiful!

  5. Lisa Hamidi says:

    I love the pups, and I’d love to talk to you about the breed. I recently lost my 11 year old boy (collie) and I have gotta find a new baby to share my life with. Please let me know how to get the information needed.

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