Puppies in Illinois

PUPDATE: Only four Old-Time Scotch Collies left from Bimi’s litter left to go to new homes. From left to right: Dancer (female), Comet (male), Vixen (female), Blitzen (male). Bimi will not be bred again for a bit. She deserves a rest!

A litter of Old-Time Scotch Collie puppies are available in Illinois they were whelped on Christmas day 2016. There are 10 pups in this litter 3 girls and 7 boys. See the pedigree. If Interested please contact Louise Cook at 618-841-2170 or elissius@gmail.com


12 thoughts on “Puppies in Illinois”

  1. Paula Frank says:

    Who are the sire & dam of this litter.
    Pedigree please.

    1. Andy Ward says:

      Sorry Paula, I was wrong in my previous answer to you, the pedigree can be seen here http://www.scotchcollie.org/registry/testmating.php?dam=64360&sire=63904&gens=5

      1. Paula Frank says:

        Thank you Andy,
        Looks like a wonderful pedigree..

  2. Sally karinen says:

    we are interested in a scotch collie puppy sometime in the next couple of years. We have had collies for 30 years and wouldn’t consider another breed for our farm, but we’re thinking a scotch collie would be great for us. Can you give me some info on how long we would have to wait for a puppy and how much they cost? Meanwhile I will study this breed which hopefully improves on the show collie type.

  3. Susan Flessner says:

    Do you still have any puppies available? Where are you located in Illinois?

  4. Ann says:

    Where are you located in Illinios?

  5. pookie says:

    Hi Andy,
    I agree!
    Are there any female puppies left?

  6. Kristin says:

    These are adorable pups. Do you have a website? I can’t have a pup at the moment but next year for sure.

  7. Shelly Dresser says:

    Are any pups still available?

    1. czchen says:

      Hi Shelly! Please reach out to Louise Cook at 618-841-2170 or elissius@gmail.com!

  8. Karen cox says:

    Any female pups left

    1. Christina Chen says:

      I believe they have found homes, but please reach out to Louise just in case!

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