Puppies in Illinois

PUPDATE: Only four Old-Time Scotch Collies left from Bimi’s litter left to go to new homes. From left to right: Dancer (female), Comet (male), Vixen (female), Blitzen (male). Bimi will not be bred again for a bit. She deserves a rest!

A litter of Old-Time Scotch Collie puppies are available in Illinois they were whelped on Christmas day 2016. There are 10 pups in this litter 3 girls and 7 boys. See the pedigree. If Interested please contact Louise Cook at 618-841-2170 or elissius@gmail.com


13 thoughts on “Puppies in Illinois”

  1. Paula Frank says:

    Who are the sire & dam of this litter.
    Pedigree please.

    1. Andy Ward says:

      Sorry Paula, I was wrong in my previous answer to you, the pedigree can be seen here http://www.scotchcollie.org/registry/testmating.php?dam=64360&sire=63904&gens=5

      1. Paula Frank says:

        Thank you Andy,
        Looks like a wonderful pedigree..

  2. Sally karinen says:

    we are interested in a scotch collie puppy sometime in the next couple of years. We have had collies for 30 years and wouldn’t consider another breed for our farm, but we’re thinking a scotch collie would be great for us. Can you give me some info on how long we would have to wait for a puppy and how much they cost? Meanwhile I will study this breed which hopefully improves on the show collie type.

  3. Susan Flessner says:

    Do you still have any puppies available? Where are you located in Illinois?

  4. Ann says:

    Where are you located in Illinios?

  5. pookie says:

    Hi Andy,
    I agree!
    Are there any female puppies left?

  6. Kristin says:

    These are adorable pups. Do you have a website? I can’t have a pup at the moment but next year for sure.

  7. Shelly Dresser says:

    Are any pups still available?

    1. czchen says:

      Hi Shelly! Please reach out to Louise Cook at 618-841-2170 or elissius@gmail.com!

  8. Karen cox says:

    Any female pups left

    1. Christina Chen says:

      I believe they have found homes, but please reach out to Louise just in case!

  9. Susan Gibney says:

    My husband and I both grew up with the collie breed. We have raised shelties when our children were young but find the collie breed more in tune with us. Our last 60 pound male collie had microthalmia, but did pretty well until he died last april at 12 years old. It is now almost october and I am missing having my old friend. We live in SE michigan on 2 1/2 acres and are interested in the “farm” collie type. Please inform us of any potential litters or older dogs.

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