Puppies in Texas

Puppies available in Texas! 7 puppies – 2 boys, 5 girls – available to good homes. Girls are $750 and boys are $600. Dam is Grant’s Schoolhouse Ranch Bonnie, a beautiful specimen of OTSC, shaded sable, and a great mother. Sire is Vaccaro’s Waylon, from the venerable Ole Shep line. Litter is registered with pictures and descriptions. Call Patrick or Amy Hamilton at (512)285-3365 or e-mail aepeebles@gmail.com

13 thoughts on “Puppies in Texas”

  1. alex says:

    I am driving from VA to Texas to pick up a puppy from Amy’s litter. if any one wants one of her pups and your on my way call me. 706-755-4546

  2. Where in Texas are you located? I am possibly interested and want to know more information about this breed, and prices please.

    1. Christina Chen says:

      Hi Marilyn! I’m going to forward your email along to Amy, but feel free to reach out to her as well.

  3. Sandy Miller says:

    Are there puppies still available?

    1. Christina Chen says:

      Yes I believe so! I will pass along your information to Amy, the breeder, but feel free to reach out to her as well!

    2. Patrick Hamilton says:

      Hi Sandy. We still have 2 boys and 2 girls available. Though that may be down to 1 boy and 2 girls by this afternoon. Feel free to give Amy a call at (512) 285-3365 to discuss…

  4. Bonnie Edmondson says:

    Are any of the available puppies calm cool and collected😀(For a puppy anyway!) I’m looking for a companion for my Mom. I have 3 collies myself, and she has had them and loved them in the past. A younger/middle aged adult dog would be great for her as well, if you had such a dog you are ready to take out of your breeding cycle. We are like located in Alabama-so would have to figure that part out!

    1. Patrick Hamilton says:

      Hi Bonnie, we aren’t breeders per se, and I don’t think any of the available pups would make a match for your mom. Maybe check with Alex, from the first post on this thread. Her phone number is there and she has a new litter of pups and a dame that she may be taking out of breeding. Hope that helps!

  5. Pam Spain says:

    Do you have a puppy left? An experienced family would love to welcome one! We have had a Scotch collie before. She died in 2010 and we are now ready for a new one. We would prefer a female.

    1. Patrick Hamilton says:

      Hi Pam, We, too, lost a Scotch Collie about 3 years ago. Unfortunately we do not have any more females. Royal Scotch Collies in VA may have some… We have 2 boys if you are interested. Thanks!

  6. join wheat says:

    Need female pup in future

    1. Patrick Hamilton says:

      We don’t have any more females available, but Royal Scotch Collies in VA likely does. Thanks!

  7. Linda Thoms says:

    We lost our beloved rough collie at age 11 from hemangiosarcoma. We haversion no other dogs now. We’version had 2 rough collies before and loved them dearly. Both had several serious health problems. If you have any dogs available please let us know.

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