Puppies in Southern California

An Old-Time Scotch Collie litter of 7 puppies – 3 male, 4 female – born on March 28, 2017 are available in Pinon Hills, CA. These puppies will be ready for their new homes in late May. More information is at Seawind Scotch Collies or contact BJ at bj@seawindbt.com.

DAM: 4J Acres Echo Violet
SIRE: Gracehaven Mighty Quinn
Click here to see the pedigree

7 thoughts on “Puppies in Southern California”

  1. MR GEORGE OWENS says:

    I am looking to purchase sable rough female collie puppy. I have had in the past 4 fantastic collies.. I am looking for number 5. 5 days ago had to send my loyal companion to God’s kingdom. I sure miss him!

    1. czchen says:

      Hi! If you’re looking to purchase a puppy, please contact BJ at bj@seawindbt.com

  2. karen duby says:

    I had collies, the last died in 1965. I have had different breeds of dogs from then. I lost my last mixed breed, a large guardian, for my goats and chickens at 18 years. I so miss him. I am now looking for another protecter. I haven’t yet found the right one. I didn’t realize there were any Scotch Collies left around. I am smiling.

  3. Avery Winston says:

    Do you have a male rough Collies puppy

    1. Christina Chen says:

      Hi Avery – These pups are not Rough Collies. They are pure Old-Time Scotch Collies. 🙂

  4. hildy says:

    looking for sable or tri rough colie

  5. hildy says:

    are there ay puppies left from litter?

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