Registry Rules

The Old-Time Scotch Collie Association’s registry is different from most, it has been developed to maintain the Old-Time Scotch Collie as a healthy landrace breed. Unlike other registries which give full registration to entire litters at birth, we provide limited, pet registration to puppies of fully registered parents, full registration may be applied for any time after a dog reaches one year of age.

We have endeavored to write a breed standard which allows for a range of appearances as found in a landrace breed. We recognize that the Old-Time Scotch Collie has always had a diversity of types and we want to maintain that genetic diversity.

The Old-Time Scotch Collie Association maintains an “open” registry so that new blood might be infused when available. New dogs will be required to go through the same registration procedure as any other dog in our registry. ‚Ä®Papers are issues in 4 colors.

  • Red – foundation dogs, only dogs registered prior to January 1, 2011
  • Grey – puppy papers indicating that both parents are registered OTSC at time of breeding.
  • Blue – adult papers indicating a dog who was previously issued grey, puppy papers and has since met the qualification and been awarded full registration.
  • Green – adult papers indicating a dog who was not awarded grey, puppy papers, generally this would be a dog with at least one parent who is not registered OTSC.

Each adult dog submitted for full registration must have the following included with completed registration form.

  1. 3 photographs, front, left and right profile.
  2. Club membership, only members is good standing can register dogs
  3. Completed and signed veterinary certificate


Costs to register a dog is currently $20.

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