Heritage Little Lassen

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Andy Ward
Andy Ward
NOV 18, 2010
APR 13, 2015
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Sable Merle
45 pounds (20.41 kg)


Kennel name: Heritage Grumpy. Died from immune mediated hemolytic anemia. Such a good dog, you have no idea, if there were a model for a perfect dog this would be it, almost a year later I still almost cry thinking about her.
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Heritage Little Lassen

Strunk's Dunrovin Rover II

Dunrovin's Rover
Neighbors Brownie
Allison's Spot

Strunk's Dunrovin Peggy
Strunk's Dunrovin Radar
Strunk's Sally

Heritage Majestic Shasta

Ford's Chesney Buddy

Chesney's DR Vestige Rebel

Chesney's Lilly of the Valley

Ford's Red Bank Ginger

Cimarron Guthrie's Bud

Gehl's Red Bank Whistlin Dixie