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Halcyon Autumn Rose

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OCT 16, 2015
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23 inches (58.42 cm)
55 pounds (24.95 kg)
32 nose to rump inches (81.28 cm)


"Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile" -- William Cullen Bryant. "Rose" -- a surname of Scottish origin. Rose has all the qualities we were hoping for in a Scotch Collie. She has a mid-length coat, which is easy to care for and has beautiful, evenly-distributed tri-color markings with a pretty white ruff and a full, white tipped tail. She is a wonderful partner around our 5-acre property. She prefers to be close by wherever we are occupied, whether we are out at the horse stalls or in the office. Rose wants to have a purpose and is happy to work. She quickly learns what is expected of her. In the evening, she eagerly herds the chickens back to their coop and brings the sheep back to their pen. Rose is protective and alerts us to anyone coming onto our property or to any of our critters being in distress. When a lamb became separated from her momma because she couldn't find the open gate, Rose ran in from outside and sat next to me, looking up expectantly as if to say, "Aren't you going to do something?" Rose keeps a respectable distance from strangers, but warms up quickly once she realizes they are a guest in our home. She also seems to have a "sense" about people. We once had an individual working on our property who turned out to be dishonest. Amazingly in retrospect, we realized that Rose "knew." She had barked at this person each and every time they came around, while with others she recognized, she didn't. While Rose is certainly energetic and will run, jump, play ball and do her series of tricks when encouraged, she is noticeably gentle with smaller children, laying down for them to pet her -- after giving them a few licks in the face, of course!
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Halcyon Autumn Rose

Heritage Captain Jack

Heritage Mighty Rainier

Gracehaven's Angus

Peruvian Lassie

Heritage Little Lassen

Strunk's Dunrovin Rover II

Heritage Majestic Shasta

Halcyon Amish Lassie
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