Eva is a one of a kind farm dog. taken-2015Eva an excellent old fashioned collie. taken-2013Eva my faithful girl. Taken-2016Eva my four legged shadow. Taken 2016Eva has intelligent eyes. taken -2016Eva is great around all of our farm animals, from cows to chickens. taken-2017Eva watching over our jersey. Eva the beautiful. taken 2014

Heritage Hill's Eva

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OCT 14, 2010
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Shaded Sable & White
20 inches (50.8 cm)
51.4 pounds (23.31 kg)
41 inches (104.14 cm)
28 inches (71.12 cm)


carrier/not affected

Eva is my personal dog, when she was whelped I knew that was the dog for me. Eva could get out of any pen/cage she was put in, just so she could come with me into the house, or around the yard...(I taught her to get out and follow me, though if I tell her to stay, she stays. ) Eva and I are inseparable. We've gotten into plenty of trouble when I was little, but Eva was always there to save me, and my siblings, from either a charging bull, or coyotes. I live on a small homestead country farm with the classic farm animals-chickens, ducks, sheep, cow, barn cats, and the occasional pig, complete with 4 working farm collies.




Incredibly intelligent, I taught Eva all she knows, and yet she always surprises me with problem solving skills and on field/animal smarts. I use hand signals as well as voice commands with Eva. She herds, guards, hunts, and is still gentle with baby animals, she's a nanny dog too.


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Heritage Hill's Eva

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