Rescue Policy

The OTSC does not have a separate rescue organization, we, the OTSCA act as the rescue organization for any OTSC in need of rehoming. Because we work to encourage responsible breeders within our organization, we find that our dogs seldom fall into rescue situations but when they do we will take action to find them a good home. Any registered OTSC or a dog whose sire and/or dam were registered OTSC are eligible to be rehomed by the OTSCA without cost to the previous owner or local rescue organization. However, if you have a dog of unknown background that you think might be an OTSC we will scrutinize that dog closely before taking any action in order to avoid taking responsibility for random collie mixes.

Since our organization’s mission is to preserve and protect a rare breed of dogs, we do not support spaying or neutering except in cases where a dog is found to be unsuitable to breed because of medical or temperament reasons. When one of our dogs is in need of rehoming we dedicate ourselves to assist in finding a way to keep the dog from going to a rescue or shelter organization, however, any dogs of unknown background that have been sterilized or that must be sterilized in order to be released to us will not be rescued by the OTSCA as that works against our organization’s primary goal of preserving the Old-Time Scotch Collie. Any shelter or rescue that has an OTSC should endeavor to contact the breeder first and the OTSCA second before administering any sterilization procedure.