Two New Litters at 4j Acres

These puppies have already found good homes, if you are looking for an Old-Time Scotch Collie puppy please subscribe to our Puppy Waiting List or view more recent litters on our available litters page.

They have two litters of puppies right now at 4J Acres Scotch Collies in Texas.

Heather X Clancy Litter


Sire: 4J Acres Clancy
Dam: 4J Acres Heather
Born April 23, 2016
4 Girls. 4 Boys
These pups will look a lot like 4J Acres Daisy This is Heather X Clancy’s 3rd litter. They are all great dogs. Heather is 5 so this is her 2nd to last litter. I only plan to breed her 1 more time.

There are 2 males currently available from this litter

Daisy X Laddie Litter


Sire: 4J Acres Laddie
Dam: 4J Acres Daisy
Born April 25, 2016
4 girls and 5 boys
These will be really good dogs. They will have more of the Sojourner dog line in them and hope they will look more like the older collies. This is a special one time breeding. Who ever gets these pups will be very blessed.

There are 3 males currently available from this litter

For more information please contact 4J Acres Scotch Collies
Phone: 903-842-4365

7 thoughts on “Two New Litters at 4j Acres”

  1. Don Tyson says:

    I may be needing a companion soon and my interest lies in finding a smallish shiny shorter coated Scottish Collie. I also like the McNab and Borders but they may find me too docile. I run a little sawmill operation and also sell garden supplies and need the constant companionship (when practical) of a farm type dog. On the occasion that I am not home there are plenty of grandchildren to keep an eye on plus the wife need help in the garden and protection.
    are Scotch Collies okay without the daily chasing of sheep and cattle? Daisy and Diego look very similar to the Collie Mutt I had on the farm 35 years ago, dog spoke english too;-)
    I’ll await your comments, Don

  2. Charlene Bennett says:

    I am interested in a baby from Daisy. She looks just like the collie I grew up with. I know she just had a litter and it would be awhile before she would be bred again.

  3. Georganne Wood says:

    Are any kind the pups from the Ladder x Daisy litter still available? Thanks…

    Georganne Wood

  4. mike Rogers says:

    looking for a black and tan OTSC or OTFS pup or male dog. any info would help. located in stephenville tx


  5. Tory Ruger says:

    Hi, I currently looking to find an old time Scottish Collie. The puppy will be for my uncle. He has recently lost his beloved Border Collie to epilepsy. He is senior citizens, I think Scottish Collie would be ideal for him, calmer and healthier breed, but still having similar disposition. Please contact me to let me know if still have puppies available.

  6. Sheila says:

    Your collie, Daisy is so beautiful. She reminds me of my collie when I was a child, early 60’s. We didn’t have many years together as he passed away before I was 10 yo at the age of 16. But his characteristics look so much like her.

  7. Joan McDaniels says:

    I was just inquiring as to whether or not you have any puppies now or are expecting any in the near future.

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